Thursday, October 24, 2013

Record Setting trip via Cape Verde Islands

Gulfstream's jet set a speed record

The Gulfstream G650 is the biggest and best private jet $US65 million ($77.6 million) can buy.

It's also the fastest certified civilian aircraft, reaching an average speed of 568.5 miles (914.9 km) per hour.

To prove it, Gulfstream took the G650 on a record-setting flight, circling the globe in just 41 hours, 7 minutes.

That's the fastest time for a westbound flight to circle the globe in a non-supersonic aircraft.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale recognised the record in September.

Gulfstream's president Larry Flynn called it a momentous occasion for business aviation, showing off both the speed and range of the G650.

"The aircraft performed flawlessly," pilot-in-command Tom Horne said in a Gulfstream press release.

Covering 20,310 nautical miles, the G650 started and ended its around-the-world flight in San Diego, with stops in Guam, Dubai and Cape Verde. Five pilots shared the journey.

Cape Verde popularity to soar Cape Verde Islands

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